N-dimensional labelled arrays

LArray is an open source Python library that aims to provide tools for easy exploration and manipulation of N-dimensional labelled data structures.

Library Highlights

  • N-dimensional labelled array objects to store and manipulate multi-dimensional data

  • I/O functions for reading and writing arrays in different formats: CSV, Microsoft Excel, HDF5, pickle

  • Arrays can be grouped into Session objects and loaded/dumped at once

  • User interface with an IPython console for rapid exploration of data

  • Compatible with the pandas library: Array objects can be converted into pandas DataFrame and vice versa.



The official documentation is hosted on ReadTheDocs at http://larray.readthedocs.io/en/stable/

Get in touch

  • To be informed of each new release, please subscribe to the announce mailing list.

  • For questions, ideas or general discussion, please use the Google Users Group.

  • To report bugs, suggest features or view the source code, please go to our GitHub website.

You can subscribe to the announce mailing list by entering your email address here (if you are connected to your Google account but you want to subscribe using another address, please log out first):


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