larray.from_series(s, sort_rows=False, fill_value=nan, meta=None, **kwargs)[source]

Converts Pandas Series into LArray.

sPandas Series

Input Pandas Series.

sort_rowsbool, optional

Whether or not to sort the rows alphabetically. Defaults to False.

fill_valuescalar, optional

Value used to fill cells corresponding to label combinations which are not present in the input Series. Defaults to NaN.

metalist of pairs or dict or OrderedDict or Metadata, optional

Metadata (title, description, author, creation_date, …) associated with the array. Keys must be strings. Values must be of type string, int, float, date, time or datetime.


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>>> from larray import ndtest
>>> s = ndtest((2, 2, 2), dtype=float).to_series()
>>> s                                                                             # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE
a   b   c
a0  b0  c0    0.0
        c1    1.0
    b1  c0    2.0
        c1    3.0
a1  b0  c0    4.0
        c1    5.0
    b1  c0    6.0
        c1    7.0
dtype: float64
>>> from_series(s)
 a  b\c   c0   c1
a0   b0  0.0  1.0
a0   b1  2.0  3.0
a1   b0  4.0  5.0
a1   b1  6.0  7.0