larray.empty(axes, title=None, dtype=<class 'float'>, order='C', meta=None)[source]

Returns an array with the specified axes and uninitialized (arbitrary) data.

axesint, tuple of int, Axis or tuple/list/AxisCollection of Axis

Collection of axes or a shape.

titlestr, optional

Deprecated. See ‘meta’ below.

dtypedata-type, optional

Desired data-type for the array, e.g., numpy.int8. Default is numpy.float64.

order{‘C’, ‘F’}, optional

Whether to store multidimensional data in C- (default) or Fortran-contiguous (row- or column-wise) order in memory.

metalist of pairs or dict or OrderedDict or Metadata, optional

Metadata (title, description, author, creation_date, …) associated with the array. Keys must be strings. Values must be of type string, int, float, date, time or datetime.



>>> nat = Axis('nat=BE,FO')
>>> sex = Axis('sex=M,F')
>>> empty([nat, sex])  # doctest: +SKIP
nat\sex                   M                   F
     BE  2.47311483356e-315  2.47498446195e-315
     FO                 0.0  6.07684618082e-31