LArray.dump(self, header=True, wide=True, value_name='value', light=False, axes_names=True, na_repr='as_is', maxlines=-1, edgeitems=5)[source]

Dump array as a 2D nested list. This is especially useful when writing to an Excel sheet via open_excel().


Whether or not to output axes names and labels.

wideboolean, optional

Whether or not to write arrays in “wide” format. If True, arrays are exported with the last axis represented horizontally. If False, arrays are exported in “narrow” format: one column per axis plus one value column. Not used if header=False. Defaults to True.

value_namestr, optional

Name of the column containing the values (last column) when wide=False (see above). Not used if header=False. Defaults to ‘value’.

lightbool, optional

Whether or not to hide repeated labels. In other words, only show a label if it is different from the previous one. Defaults to False.

axes_namesbool or ‘except_last’, optional

Assuming header is True, whether or not to include axes names. If axes_names is ‘except_last’, all axes names will be included except the last. Defaults to True.

na_reprany scalar, optional

Replace missing values (NaN floats) by this value. Default to ‘as_is’ (do not do any replacement).

maxlinesint, optional

Maximum number of lines to show. Defaults to -1 (all lines are shown).

edgeitemsint, optional

If number of lines to display is greater than maxlines, only the first and last edgeitems lines are displayed. Only active if maxlines is not -1. Defaults to 5.

2D nested list or None for 0d arrays


>>> arr = ndtest((2, 2, 2))
>>> arr.dump()                               # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE
[['a',  'b\\c', 'c0', 'c1'],
 ['a0',   'b0',    0,    1],
 ['a0',   'b1',    2,    3],
 ['a1',   'b0',    4,    5],
 ['a1',   'b1',    6,    7]]
>>> arr.dump(axes_names=False)               # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE
[['',       '', 'c0', 'c1'],
 ['a0',   'b0',    0,    1],
 ['a0',   'b1',    2,    3],
 ['a1',   'b0',    4,    5],
 ['a1',   'b1',    6,    7]]
>>> arr.dump(axes_names='except_last')       # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE
[['a',     'b', 'c0', 'c1'],
 ['a0',   'b0',    0,    1],
 ['a0',   'b1',    2,    3],
 ['a1',   'b0',    4,    5],
 ['a1',   'b1',    6,    7]]
>>> arr.dump(light=True)                     # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE
[['a',  'b\\c', 'c0', 'c1'],
 ['a0',   'b0',    0,    1],
 ['',     'b1',    2,    3],
 ['a1',   'b0',    4,    5],
 ['',     'b1',    6,    7]]
>>> arr.dump(wide=False, value_name='data')  # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE
[['a',   'b',  'c', 'data'],
 ['a0', 'b0', 'c0',      0],
 ['a0', 'b0', 'c1',      1],
 ['a0', 'b1', 'c0',      2],
 ['a0', 'b1', 'c1',      3],
 ['a1', 'b0', 'c0',      4],
 ['a1', 'b0', 'c1',      5],
 ['a1', 'b1', 'c0',      6],
 ['a1', 'b1', 'c1',      7]]
>>> arr.dump(maxlines=3, edgeitems=1)        # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE
[['a',   'b\\c',  'c0',  'c1'],
 ['a0',    'b0',     0,     1],
 ['...',  '...', '...', '...'],
 ['a1',    'b1',     6,     7]]