*args, **kwargs)[source]

Opens a new comparator window, comparing arrays or sessions.

*argsLArrays or Sessions

Arrays or sessions to compare.

titlestr, optional

Title for the window. Defaults to ‘’.

nameslist of str, optional

Names for arrays or sessions being compared. Defaults to the name of the first objects found in the caller namespace which correspond to the passed objects.

depthint, optional

Stack depth where to look for variables. Defaults to 0 (where this function was called).


>>> a1 = ndtest(3)                                                                                 # doctest: +SKIP
>>> a2 = ndtest(3) + 1                                                                             # doctest: +SKIP
>>> compare(a1, a2, title='first comparison')                                                      # doctest: +SKIP
>>> compare(a1 + 1, a2, title='second comparison', names=['a1+1', 'a2'])                           # doctest: +SKIP