class larray.AxisCollection(axes=None)[source]
__init__(self, axes=None)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(self[, axes])

Initialize self.

align(self, other[, join, axes])

Align this axis collection with another.

append(self, axis)

Appends axis at the end of the collection.

axis_id(self, axis)

Returns the id of an axis.

check_compatible(self, axes)

Checks if axes passed as argument are compatible with those contained in the collection.

combine_axes(self[, axes, sep, wildcard, …])

Combine several axes into one.


Returns a copy.

extend(self, axes[, validate, replace_wildcards])

Extends the collection by appending the axes from axes.

get(self, key[, default, name])

Returns axis corresponding to key.

get_all(self, key)

Returns all axes from key if present and length 1 wildcard axes otherwise.

get_by_pos(self, key, i)

Returns axis corresponding to a key, or to position i if the key has no name and key object not found.

index(self, axis[, compatible])

Returns the index of axis.

insert(self, index, axis)

Inserts axis before index.

isaxis(self, value)

Tests if input is an Axis object or the name of an axis contained in self.

iter_labels(self[, axes, ascending])

Returns a view of the axes labels.


Returns list of all axis names.

pop(self[, axis])

Removes and returns an axis.

rename(self[, renames, to])

Renames axes of the collection.

replace(self[, axes_to_replace, new_axis, …])

Replace one, several or all axes of the collection.

set_labels(self[, axis, labels, inplace])

Replaces the labels of one or several axes.

split_axes(self[, axes, sep, names, regex])

Split axes and returns a new collection

split_axis(\*args, \*\*kwargs)

union(self, \*args, \*\*kwargs)

without(self, axes)

Returns a new collection without some axes.



Returns the list of (display) names of the axes.


Returns the list of ids of the axes.


Describes the collection (shape and labels for each axis).


Returns the list of labels of the axes.


Returns the list of (raw) names of the axes.



Returns the shape of the collection.


Returns the size of the collection, i.e.